A trend to move over competitors

The cryptocurrency market development is undeniable today. Everyone wants to join the new technology, but they just don’t know how. The exchange rate is fluctuating, but this does not significantly affect the growing demand.

We offer embedding a tool into your business that will allow buying a cryptocurrency for fiat money in a few seconds. Crypto ATMs will bring you profit at transaction fees. Get into this empty niche and make money regardless of the exchange rate.


Gate ATM: best price and size ratio, maximum functionality

We offer extra turnover and profit for your square meters!

Our ATMs are perfect for small sales and service outlets. If you already have your own clothing/grocery store/service point/cafe/restaurant /any other enterprise with a counter, a working employee, Internet connection and electricity, then your only additional cost is that of an ATM.

Easy setup of the machine is the only thing left to do and you can earn an extra interest with your existing business. Special software eliminates any risks related to bitcoin price spikes

The small size of the machine offers extra profit and an opportunity to stand out among others!

Automated process and your fee

  • Start

    A customer clicks on the button on the screen to start the purchase.

  • QR code

    A customer uses a QR code scanner to read a cryptocurrency wallet code printed on paper or displayed on the mobile phone screen. The ATM processes it and determines the wallet number.

  • Payment in cash

    A user inserts cash. Cryptocurrency coins are purchased at the amount of the enrolled cash at the current cryptocurrency exchange rate.

  • Adding deposit to the cryptocurrency account

    After clicking on Send, the deposit is added to a cryptocurrency wallet in a few seconds.

Free technological upgrade

We have developed a large-scale ATM upgrade program. All updates will be provided to clients free of charge. Here are the first additions to be launched soon:

Selling crypto currencies by a user in the ATM;

Extending the range of cryptocurrencies;

Payment for your products and services with cryptocurrencies;

User-friendly systems of reporting and management of the ATM network.

Our IT department is working hard on developing software for adding more functions, increasing user convenience and profitability of the ATM owner.

We are Different. Why so cheap?

We know that such equipment should cost more. But our team has managed to optimize all processes by attracting advanced specialists and production facilities. The technology development keeps evolving and a thing that could cost millions yesterday can be made much cheaper today at the same quality. We have managed to prove this by developing our equipment.

Comparison parameter We Others
Price From 3295 usd Up to 5000 usd
Dimensions (h.w.d) 40,5 x 32,4 x 28,1 cm Up to 48,1 x 35,6 x 28,9 cm
Weight less than 20 kg More than 23 kg
Transactions *Two way One way
Cash acceptor 300 Up to 1000
Recycler 30 None
Monitor 10.4″ 7″, -10″
Fingerprint scanner In Gate Max version Not always available
Printer In Gate Medium version Rare
Camera In Gate Max version Rare
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin/Ethereum + others Bitcoin/Ethereum, sometimes plus Dash
Sending to a customer Hot wallet/exchange Only Hot wallet

*after free upgrade. Currently ATM work in one-way mode.

How to start

1. Decide on the number of ATMs to start your network
2. Find out the requirements for placement and import in your country (do you need any licenses or permits, will any customs duties be charged, etc.)
3. Fill out the request form to order ATMs
4. Find and agree upon a rental for ATM placement
5. After you receive our ATMs, set them up with us
6. Get started!

It’s all about the money: see for yourself


Calculating profitability on the example of Leeds (UK)

The population is 780 000 people.
According to statistics, there is currently 1 ATM per 50,000 people in crypto-developed cities on the average

The number of ATMs that can be placedin Leeds – 16 pcs.
Average monthly turnover per ATM – $25,000
Average transaction amount – $450
Average commission per transaction – 5%

Cost of an ATM – $3295
Recurrent expenses: electricity, Internet connection, rental, server

Estimated monthly income – $1250
Payback period – 4-6 months

A network of 5 ATMs can be easily operated by a single person.
Approximate annual income with a network of 5 ATMs – $45,000
Where to place: any small shops/offices/restaurants/service points where there is already a counter and a person working


Reasons why it will work

Secure instant open purchase

Cryptocurrency is enrolled to the wallet in a few seconds.

Empty niche

The market is almost in beginning

Edgy subject

The demand for this kind of service is very high.

CE marking

Our products fully comply with the European Union requirements and standards.

We are responsible for the quality

We provide a 1 year warranty for the product.

Compact dimensions, stylish design

The ATMs were developed in cooperation with technical designers.

Small entrance check

Low cost provides high profit and quick payback.

Original eye-catching design

The ATM stands out with its innovation features and interesting style.

Unlimited partnership geography

We provide services to customers all over the world, including shipment and remote updating.

Informational support

We provide operation and maintenance instructions.

Trusted specialists are in charge of the result

Our team is not debutants in the cryptocurrency market and well aware of all its nuances and specifics. We have launched a product that we ourselves miss sometimes and made it the way a modern, reliable and user-friendly crypto ATM should be. We have developed hardware and software ourselves to achieve the perfect result. We control the production and testing process and provide great prospects for improvement.

Elon Musk
SEO & Senior Developer

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Elon Musk
SEO & Senior Developer

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Elon Musk
SEO & Senior Developer

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Elon Musk
SEO & Senior Developer

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Email: info@gateatm.com

Address: Gate BTM Systems OÜ, Tööstuse tn 48a, Tallinn, Estonia